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High Quality Coconut Based Products and Spice Manufactures, Exporters and Importers in Sri Lanka, Offers the Best Output for Human Usage
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Tilma Lanka Coconut Oil
Since 2008

Best output for human usage

Tilma Lanka coconut oil is a high quality coconut oil manufacturer which possesses series of standards in food safety offers the best output for human usage under stringent quality control.

Experienced in the business

Tilma Lanka experienced an amazing growth within few years when we added the new state of the art refinery with the objective to offer coconut oil free from Cholesterol and other harmful ingredients for human body.

New machineries

We add new machineries that lead to high production output.

Social responsibility programs

We consistently engaged ourselves in Corporate Social Responsibility programs that focus on giving back to the community and the environment.

Touch the global market

Now, thanks to your growing trust in us, we are able to start our growth in the global market as well as in the local community.

Our Process

Production Process


Tilma Lanka Coconut Oil Products

Tilma Lanka coconut oil offers a range of products for Sri Lankan and international market holding several standards in quality assurance. We guarantee our products are excellent in human consumption with our main focus is on food safety and good health of the community.