Frequently Ask Questions

Coconut oil and palm oil are both high-calorie foods, Consisting primarily of fats. Coconut oil is slightly higher in Calories; While palm oil contains a little more fats. Furthermore, Coconut oil is relatively richer in minerals. Therefore, Coconut oil IS more Suitable for Cooking.

Aflatoxins are toxic secondary metabolites produced by fungi named aspergillus flavus parasiticus.

Tilma Lanka Coconut oil is manufactured Using dry Coppra under strict quality assurance. Each batch of Coconut oil produced is subjected to Laboratory tests to determine if it is fit for Consumption.

Tilma Coconut oil does not contain aflatoxin.

Tilma Coconut oil does not contain chemicals.

RBD Coconut oil is made by removing odors and oil Staining factors, water mixed with oil, and harmful free fatty acids in coconut oil. White Coconut oil is manufactured using a pure natural quality product with a unique flavor and aroma. Does not undergo any Chemical refine process.

In the production of Virgin Coconut oil, efforts. are mode to retain even the smallest nutrients in Coconut oil Also, the beneficial fatty acids in Coconut oil are available directly to the body.

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