Tilma Pure Coconut Oil

We Produce good quality coconut oil without using chemicals. Oil is extracted from dried coconut kernel or Copra using traditional methods. Coconut oil is natural, fresh and smells pleasant.

Tilma White Coconut Oil does not go through chemical refining process. It is also not over-heated. Therefore, it is rich with all natural goodness. It retains natural flavor, aroma, and original fatty acid compositions. Highly recommended for cooking.

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Tilma Physically Refined Coconut Oil

Tilma physically refined coconut oil is RBD Coconut Oil (Refined, Bleached, and Deodorized) made from sun-dried coconut meat or Copra. Oil is extracted, filtered and bleached. Heat is used to deodorize and kill any germs or fungi. RBD Coconut Oil is very safe for cooking.

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Palm Oil

Oil Palm is grown in Sri Lanka now and Palm Oil is produced in the country. We do not focus to producing Palm Oil. However, Palm Oil is widely used for cooking purposes in Sri Lanka. We import and distribute high quality Palm Oil to your doorstep.

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Virgin Coconut Oil

We are now planning to start producing Virgin Coconut Oil which is extracted from fresh coconut milk. Virgin Coconut Oil produced through a processes of fermentation, centrifugal separation, refrigeration, and the action of enzymes. It is considered the highest quality coconut oil.

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Tilma Laundry Soap

Tilma Laundry Soap is best quality soap produced with our own coconut oil without mixing any animal fats and artificial ingredients. It is soft on your hand and pleasantly fragrant. Good for all washing purposes.

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Copra is sun-dried kernel of the coconut fruit. We select best quality copra for our products from all over Sri Lanka. We are ready to buy Copra from you.